"My income doubled." 


Geralyn changed my life. In two months my income more than doubled and I went from being a producer to co-owner of a production company. It was all because Geralyn helped me dream big and walk it out. 

Alli Saunders, www.sightseven.com



"I was so attracted to the way she conducted her life."


When I met Geralyn I was blown away by her knowledge, level of professionalism and passion. She has learned a system where you truly can "Have it all with ease". Her name matches her beautifully because she is a powerful woman with a huge heart for service! I feel blessed to know and have worked with Geralyn and I can tell you she is 100% authentic in her leadership training and her life. Just knowing her or taking part in her training will help you surrender to becoming the absolute highest version of yourself. 

Belinda Ginter, Author, Emotional Kinesiologist, www.belindaginter.com 



"Geralyn is a badass and an inspiratiON"

Lisa Fabrega, Writer and Award-Winning Life and Business Coach, www.lisafabrega.com 

"Geralyn's leadership is so needed in the world today"  


"Geralyn will guide and inspire you to step into your full power in every way." 

-Leanne Jacobs, Author, Money and Leadership Expert, www.leannejacobs.com 




"I was drawn to doing a session with Geralyn because of the ease and confidence she exudes."


I was feeling stuck and unclear in my vision. Geralyn helped me remove blocks and I reached my highest business goal the very same month after working with her. I also had my highest earning month to date, crossing 5 figures in one month. I then brought Geralyn in to guest-mentor during one of my team trainings. At the end of the program, I asked who their favourite mentor was, who they got the MOST from, and what they would like to see more of going forward. The vast majority voted for Geralyn, hands down. It's clear that she has something unique and special to offer women in leadership.

Lindsay Hamm, doTERRA Diamond Leader, Leadership Coach, www.lindsayhamm.com 


"Geralyn showed me how to harness my own power to kill the overwhelm."

Prior to working with Geralyn, I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I knew that I was capable of big things, and I wanted to achieve big things, but I had no idea how to unlock my purpose. Through her gentle yet powerful guidance, Geralyn showed me how to harness my power to kill the overwhelm, and how to align myself in a way that creates inspired action. I signed up for one-on-one coaching because I thought it would help me figure out a few things in my business; I had no idea how profoundly it would change my whole perspective on life! After incorporating Geralyn's strategies, I felt the shift at my core. I now understand the power of setting intentions, of engaging with my intuition, and that clarity comes from taking aligned action. My colleagues keep commenting on my 'glow', and my husband says he has never seen me so passionate about the future. I have tapped into a new level of vibration, and it feels absolutely amazing! 

Dr Laura Hughes, PhD, Naturopathic doctor, globetrotter, www.drlaurahughes.com